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Natasha is a San Francisco, CA based tech lawyer / designer who brought to life bZAI after her own personal experience wedding shopping. Eight days of non-stop searching and finding nothing that represented her as an Indian American woman left Natasha with no clothes and no more time to shop for her wedding because she had to return to her job back in the Bay Area. Realizing she either had to settle with what she had seen at the stores in India (which either meant wearing something that had way too much going on or wearing a designer outfit that she'd already seen so many brides wear) or return empty handed, she decided to create her own option (against everyone's advice) and design all her own clothes. 

After modeling for years and traveling with Miss India Worldwide as Miss India USA, Natasha has had the chance to wear numerous American, Indian, and Pakistani designers. With those opportunities, she developed a love for fashion and a burgeoning knowledge of the fashion industry. 

She brings her experience to bZAI to represent the modern women - a woman who knows how to blend Eastern heritage with Western culture - a woman who loves fashion and is tempted to wear black all-day, everyday, but knows that there is too much fashion out there that she'd miss - a woman who doesn't give AF about what anyone thinks. That's Natasha and that's what she brings to you with bZAI's in house collections and featured designers.